Star Trek Comics Checklist

Star Trek: Mission to Horatius Whitman illustrated novel

Written by well-known science fiction author Mack Reynolds, this was the first published Star Trek novel, and is included here because it is illustrated throughout. See Steve Roby's article (via the Wayback Machine) on Mission to Horatius.

1968 #1549
Star Trek: Mission to Horatius
Whitman Publishing Company

This book is part of Whitman's Authorized TV Adventure series of hardcover novels marketed for young readers. Pocket Books published a facsimile edition (ISBN 0-671-02812-X) in 1999 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the book's original hardcover publication.

Writer: Mack Reynolds
Artist: Richard "Sparky" Moore
Cover artist: Richard "Sparky" Moore

1970 #3876
Notruf aus dem All
Franz Schneider Verlag

Sanitized and abridged German translation with cover art featuring a saucer-shaped Enterprise and new interior illustrations (ISBN 3-505-03876-8). An unabridged German translation was published in 2000 by Heel with the original Whitman art (ISBN 3-89365-855-6). See the German version of Memory Alpha for more information.

Writer: Mack Reynolds
Artist: Walter Rieck
Cover artist: Walter Rieck

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