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Jul 2014
Star Trek Special: Flesh and Stone
A low-warp escape pod approaches Space Station Diamandis 1. Typically used to ferry sick or wounded from remote locations, the pod is coming to the right place, host of a large Starfleet medical conference. Traveling to the conference via shuttle, Dr. Beverly Crusher, Dr. Julian Bashir, and Dr. Katherine Pulaski, monitor a distress signal from Diamandis 1. The Doctor, formerly Voyager's Chief Medical Officer, informs them of an unknown contagion carried by four humans in an escape pod, that has incapacitated all station personnel. The disease paralyzes, then begins transforming the victim into a stone-like substance. Four more escape pods are heading towards populated worlds and the Doctor also discovers that records related to the disease have been deleted from the station's medical database. The oldest record deleted was recorded by the Constitution-class Enterprise. Since Admiral McCoy is still alive and living on a nearby agricultural facility, the doctors divert their shuttle hoping to learn more about the disease. McCoy has retired to what amounts to a frontier town, but is as sharp and irascible as ever. He recalls the incident deleted from the medical database. The Enterprise answered a colony distress call from Doctor Phlox, asking for help treating victims of the same disease. Phlox and McCoy learned that the stone-like substance resembles the Tholian crystalline carapace and were able to create the anti-viral necessary for treatment. Armed with this information, the Doctor is able to synthesize the antivirus, begin treating victims, and warn Starfleet. Exceeding his programming as usual, the Doctor also does some detective work to learn why the contagion was directed at Diamandis 1 and averts a crisis. Even Dr. Pulaski is impressed.

This one-shot Star Trek medical adventure was created in partnership with the Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE, a $10 million competition to bring healthcare to the palm of your hand. Readers of all ages are invited to join the Tricorder Federation, where futurists, innovators and fans can come together and celebrate the efforts of the teams around the world who are competing to make the medical Tricorder a reality, so we can all live long and prosper.

Writer: Scott Tipton, David Tipton
Artist: Sharp Brothers, Andrew Elder
Cover artists: Sharp Brothers, John Rauch

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