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Raumschiff Enterprise Gong fotoroman

Weekly German television guide magazine Gong, published serialized fotonovels of ten Star Trek episodes and the first three films, from 1973 to 1985. Each issue contained one page of the story in color. Some stories had two pages the first week. Some of the stories began with an introductory splash page. Editors occasionally altered the stories and some of the actors were replaced with German fotonovel celebrities. These stories have not been collected. Dates and page counts are approximate.

Gefangen in der Vergangenheit (The City on the Edge of Forever) #40 1973 - #7 1974, 21 pages
Der Teufel im Dunkel (The Devil in the Dark) 1974, 16 pages, cover page
Die tödlichen Spiele (The Gamesters of Triskelion) 1974, 18 pages
Der Planet der schrecklichen Kinder (Miri) 1974 - 1975?, 19 pages
Psycho-Terror (Spectre of the Gun) 1975, 17 pages
Das große Verbrechen des Mister Spock (The Menagerie, Part I, The Menagerie, Part II) 1975 - 1976, 34 pages, cover page
Angst im Weltraum (Balance of Terror) 1976, 12 pages and a cover page
Enterprise im Wunderland (Shore Leave) 1976, 18 pages and a cover page
Der unheimliche Herrscher (The Return of the Archons) 1976 - 1977?, 15 pages, cover page
Die Menschenfabrik (What Are Little Girls Made Of) 1977, 18 pages, cover page
Star Trek - Der Film (Star Trek: The Motion Picture) #10 1980 - , 32 pages
Star Trek II - Der Zorn des Khan (Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan) #49 1982 - , 49 pages
Star Trek III - Auf der Suche nach Mr. Spock (Star Trek III: The Search for Spock) #46 1984 - , 48 pages

#3 From 19 to 25 Jan 1974
Gefangen in der Vergangenheit
Actor Joan Collins (Edith Keeler) was replaced by a German actor and the character renamed Eva Light.

#11 From 16 to 22 Mar 1974
Der Teufel im Dunkel

#8 From 22 to 28 Feb 1975
Der Planet der schrecklichen Kinder ?
Actors Kim Darby (Miri) and Michael J. Pollard (Jahn) ware replaced by German actors.

#26 From 28 Jun to 4 Jul 1975
Psycho-Terror ?

#44 From 1 to 7 Nov 1975
Das große Verbrechen des Mister Spock ?
Actors Jeffrey Hunter (Captain Pike) and Susan Oliver (Vina) were replaced by German actors, as was Malachi Throne (Commodore Mendez).

#35 From 27 Aug to 2 Sep 1977

#49 From 9 to 15 Dec 1978

#10 From 8 to 14 Mar 1980
Star Trek - Der Film

#49 From 11 to 17 Dec 1982
Star Trek II - Der Zorn des Khan

#46 From 17 to 23 Nov 1984
Star Trek III - Auf der Suche nach Mr. Spock
Unlike all the other pages, page 22 of Star Trek III was in black&white.

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