Star Trek Comics Checklist

Star Trek - The Complete Comic Book Collection GIT DVD

Sep 2008
Star Trek: The Complete Comic Book Collection

Contains over 500 Gold Key, Marvel, DC, Malibu, and Wildstorm Star Trek comics published 1967 thru 2005 in digital format on DVD-ROM. Cover art is based on the Bob Wiacek cover art for Marvel Star Trek #3, June 1980.

Cover artist: Mike Collins

May 2009
Star Trek: Movie Comic Book Collection

Star Trek movie and television adaptations from several publishers on CD-ROM. Contains 26 comics: seven Star Trek movie adaptations, the TNG finale, and Marvel #1-18. Sold in theaters and online, but not in retail stores. This is a subset of the complete collection. Cover art is swiped from Marvel Star Trek #1, April 1980, drawn by Steve Leialoha.

Cover artist:

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