Star Trek Comics Checklist

Star Trek Special DC Comics one-shots

#1 Spring 1994
Blaise of glory
Drifting towards a black hole, R.J. Blaise pleads for help via subspace transmission, from anyone in the universe except James T. Kirk. Kirk, or course, is nearby and feeling old. Even a visit from McCoy and a bottle of Saurian brandy fails to lift his spirits much. The Enterprise picks up the distress signal and when Blaise is transported aboard, the situation heats up. She is being pursued by the Lord High Darrich, a warlord whom she has offended during diplomatic negotiations. Starfleet orders Kirk to resolve the situation even if it means turning Blaise over to Darrich. Kirk has his own tried and true methods for dealing with delicate situations and Blaise has her own way with Kirk. In spite of their attraction, duty comes first for both of them. Kirk and Blaise both wonder what might have been had they met at a younger age. Stardate 8626.11

R.J. Blaise first appeared in Star Trek #4-13.

Writer: Peter David
Penciller: Rod Whigham
Inker: Arne Starr
Cover artist: Bill Sienkiewicz

The needs of the one
On Vulcan, while awaiting completion of repairs to the Klingon warship which will take him back to Earth to face charges, Kirk considers the loss of his son and the rebirth of his friend. Spock wanders into the mountains which he knew as a child and Kirk sets out to find him. Along the way they revisit events from their past and come to terms with their future.

This story is set between Star Trek III: The Search for Spock and Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.

Writer: Mike Collins
Penciller: Mike Collins
Inker: Terry Pallot

#2 Winter 1994
Raise the Defiant
A priority message from Starfleet orders the Enterprise to meet and pick up Dr. Juram, who briefs Kirk and his crew on their mission. The Enterprise must go to Tholian space and try to recover the Defiant, lost in interspace twenty years earlier (The Tholian Web). Recovery of a classified phase-inverter being tested by the Defiant is necessary because it is apparently still working and causing instability in the Tholian sector. Dr. Juram, an arrogant research specialist, needs Scotty to make her theoretical work a reality. With distrustful Tholians watching, the Enterprise shifts into interspace and locks on to the Defiant. Scotty suspicions about Dr. Juram prove to be true and his foresight prevents a disaster. Stardate 8544.9

Painted cover by Dan Curry, Emmy Award winner and TNG Visual Effects Supervisor.

Writer: Kevin J. Ryan
Penciller: Chris Wozniak
Inker: Jeff Hollander
Cover artist: Dan Curry

A question of loyalty
The Enterprise takes fourteen third year Starfleet Academy cadets on a training mission. Lt. Saavik supervises the officer candidates. Among the cadets is Ensign Valeris (Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country). Valeris immediately butts heads with Saavik, who tries to remind the intolerant ensign of Surak's teachings about diversity. As an emergency situation unfolds, Valeris' bigotry is contrasted with Saavik's compassion and the seeds of subsequent events are sown. Stardate 9481.1

Writer: Steven H. Wilson
Penciller: Rachel Ketchum
Inker: Rich Faber

#3 Winter 1995
The unforgiven
On a camping trip with his nephews, Adam, Jason, and Peter, Kirk tries to help them cope with the loss of their parents (Operation: Annihilate!), but Orion pirates with cloaked ground vehicles are preparing to attack the nearby mining colony. Kirk and his nephews are captured, but manage to warn the colony in time to prevent disaster. Stardate 5049.2

Painted cover.

Writer: Michael Jan Friedman
Penciller: Steve Erwin
Inker: Jimmy Palmiotti
Cover artist: Nicholas Jainschigg

Echoes of yesterday
Kirk visits the family home in Iowa and runs into his nephew Peter. Peter wants Kirk to explain the secret of time travel so that he can help an alien race whose homeworld has been destroyed. After being forced to give up the secret, Kirk gives chase in the Enterprise. Travelling back in time, he learns Peter's real motive, to prevent his parent's death. On Deneva, Kirk is reunited with his brother again. Peter is unable to change events and is himself a victim.

Writer: Mark A. Altman
Penciller: Ken Save
Inker: Ron Boyd

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