Star Trek Comics Checklist

Star Trek Annual DC Comics second series annuals

#1 1990
So near the touch
The Enterprise is assigned to assist a Federation medical team led by Sulu's former lover. The team's job is to try and prevent the extinction of a race whose planet is ecologically devastated. A mere embrace between two individuals causes spontaneous combustion. Religious fundamentalists oppose Federation assistance and take the medical team hostage. Sulu and Chekov defy orders and lead an assault to rescue the medical team. Sulu's lover is contaminated by the planet's environment and they can never touch one another again. Stardate 8503.1

Writers: George Takei, Peter David
Artist: Gray Morrow
Cover artist: Jerome Moore

#2 1991
Starfleet Academy
Kirk's first few months at Starfleet Academy. Among the people he meets are Captain Decker (The Doomsday Machine), strategy professor; Ben Finney (Court Martial), dean of students; Gary Mitchell (Where No Man Has Gone Before), roommate and slob; Finnegan (Shore Leave), third year student advisor and pain-in-the-ass; Carol Marcus (Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan), science student and sexy blonde; Uhura, second year student and friend of Carol; and a few others as well.

Writer: Peter David
Artists: James W. Fry, Curt Swan, Arne Starr
Cover artist: Jerome Moore

#3 1992
The Enterprise escorts Sarek (Journey to Babel) to New Ketira for the ceremony celebrating admission to the Federation. The ancient spiritual leaders of the Ketirans choose this time to claim their place as the traditional and rightful leaders of the people. Sarek and the Enterprise try to negotiate a peaceful settlement, but it takes a surprising discovery from Ketira's past to resolve the situation. Stardate 8467.5

Writer: Howard Weinstein
Penciller: Norm Dwyer
Inker: Arne Starr
Cover artist: Laura and Frank Kelley Freas

#4 1993
To walk the night
Captain Christopher Pike is puzzled by Lt. Spock's nocturnal wanderings along the corridors of the Enterprise. Spock is having second thoughts about choosing Starfleet. The Enterprise responds to a distress call from a mining colony whose inhabitants are experiencing nightmares about alien beings and madness. Spock discovers a life form capable of duplicating and replacing other life forms, and learns something about himself as well.

Writer: Michael Jan Friedman
Penciller: Gordon Purcell
Inker: Pablo Marcos
Cover artists: Jerome Moore, Jason Palmer

#5 1994
The dream walkers
Crewmembers of the Enterprise begin experiencing vivid daydreams of past missions, even dreaming of events that they didn't participate in. Neither Spock nor McCoy have any answers, but after some discussion, it becomes apparent that Janice Rand is the common denominator in every dream. Kirk inquires about Rand and learns that she is missing-in-action following a covert mission to investigate the Chuniikites, a hostile race engaged in a civil war. Kirk begins searching for Rand when Spock theorizes that she may be transmitting clues to her whereabouts via the dreams. Using coordinates take from dream clues, the Enterprise arrives at an unexplored system with a single inhabitable planet. In a city of ruins, Kirk finds Rand asleep and wired into tiers of sleeping aliens. He unplugs her and begins experiencing another daydream just as the Chuniikites arrive in force. With Rand's help, he awakens in time to escape the dreaming aliens and elude the aggressive Chuniikites. Stardate 5268.1

Writer: Michael Jan Friedman
Artist: Carlos Garzon
Cover artist: Chris Wozniac ?

#6 1995
Convergence, Part One: Split Infinities
Gary Seven (Assignment: Earth) arrives on the Enterprise warning of a grave danger to Spock. A Devidian (Time's Arrow, Part I [TNG]) arrives immediately thereafter, kills Seven and abducts Spock. Spock finds himself captive with General Tellius, a pivotal figure in Romulan history. A colleague of Seven's arrives on the Enterprise. Exana and her cat Nova, explain to Kirk that another race of time travelers, the Devidians, having been prevented from interfering in Earth history by a Starfleet crew from the future, are attempting to alter history in order to eliminate the Federation. Captain John Harriman (Star Trek Generations) of the Enterprise, joins Spock and Tellius in captivity. In the future, the Enterprise-D arrives at the Neutral Zone to greet Anbassador Sybok. Guinan senses that something is wrong. A Devidian appears and abducts Data, who joins the other captives. In the past, Exana and the crew of the Enterprise make for the Devidian system. In the future, Picard and his crew do the same. Stardate 8812.1

Painted cover. Continued in ST:TNG Annual #6. The covers for this annual and ST:TNG Annual #6 form a diptych.

Writer: Howard Weinstein, Michael Jan Friedman
Penciller: Ken Save
Inker: Sam de la Rosa
Cover artist: Jason Palmer

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