Star Trek Comics Checklist

Star Trek: The Next Generation Wildstorm one-shot

Jun 2000
Embrace the wolf
An outbreak of violence on Enoch-7 brings Picard and the Enterprise to investigate. They find a ravaged planet and Redjac, who takes possession of the Enterprise and its holodecks, where it finds Data's Sherlock Holmes program. Taking on its ancient persona of Jack the Ripper, Redjac traps the crew in 19th century London. While Data, as Holmes, tries to subdue the Ripper, the Enochians attempt to destroy the Enterprise to take revenge on Redjac. Stardate 47319.2

Sequel to TOS episode "Wolf in the fold" by Robert Bloch and TNG episode "Elementary, dear Data" by Brian Alan Lane. Prestige format. Painted cover.

Writers: Christopher Golden, Tom Sniegoski
Penciller: Dave Hoover
Inkers: Troy Hubbs, Jason Martin, Christy Stack
Cover artist:Travis Charest

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