Star Trek Comics Checklist

Unexamined References

Best of Trek books (some may contain articles on comics)

Comic Book Marketplace (articles on Star Trek comics)

Files Magazine: Star Trek Comics Volume 1 and Volume 2. Does Volume 2 exist?

Gentry, Christine and Sally Gibson-Downs. Greenberg's Guide to Star Trek Collectibles Volume II: F-Postcards. Sykesville: Greenberg, 1992. ISBN 0-89778-216-X

---. Greenberg's Guide to Star Trek Collectibles Volume III: Posters-Z. Sykesville: Greenberg, 1992. ISBN 0-89778-208-9

Malibu Press (Malibu Sun?) Article on submissions?

The Nostalgia Journal #28

Nostalgia World #26. Article on Star Trek comics?

Reeves-Stevens, Judith and Garfield. The Art of Star Trek. Comic art included?

Star Trek: The Official Fan Club. Another past issue with article on DS9 comics?

Ultimate guide to Star Trek for all generations?

Vantage Comic & Card Picks, Vol. III, #3. Star Trek comics issue?

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