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Star Trek British Mighty TV Comic Gold Key reprints

Shaqui Le Vesconte researched the Star Trek strips in Mighty TV Comic, a weekly British comic strip publication, for a feature in Titan's Star Trek Magazine, published in the UK. The Gold Key reprint information wasn't used due to space limitations and is made available here with permission. Shaqui is also editor of The Gerry Anderson Complete Comic History website (via the Wayback Machine).

Mighty TV Comic Gold Key Star Trek reprints

Star Trek was introduced in Polystyle Publications' TV Comic when the title became Mighty TV Comic with issue #1292, dated 18 September 1976. The Star Trek comic strips were serialised b&w reprints of Gold Key Star Trek comics and over the next two years, worked their way through seven of the first nine stories, with the other two appearing in Star Trek Winter Special late in 1976. Initially, each page of art was enlarged to fill the entire A3 tabloid newspaper format, resulting in somewhat crude reproduction, and requiring a masthead squashed along the top of the first panel. From issue #1298, the art was reduced to a size consistent with earlier reprints in the World Distributor annuals, and given a surrounding frame with photos of the Enterprise, Kirk, Spock and the other main characters - including Chekov, who did not appear in any of these Gold Key comics. This frame underwent a revamp, filling the whole spread from issue #1312, and remained for the duration of the run.

The Star Trek strip was quite nicely promoted by full colour photos on Mighty TV Comic covers until the publication resumed printing comic strips on the front page from issue #1323. Late in 1977, the title reverted to TV Comic from issue #1353 and in spring the following year, returned to a standard A4 comic format from issue #1377. In order to bring the Gold Key reprints to an end shortly after, the final pages of The Legacy of Lazarus were abridged to a rushed conclusion, ending with issue #1381, dated 3 June 1978.

Mighty TV Comic Gold Key Star Trek reprint checklist:

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