Star Trek Comics Checklist

Star Trek: The Manga - Ultimate Edition Tokyopop collection

Mar 2009
Side Effects
Birth of a queen. Stardate 4722.1
Trade paperback collection of Tokyopop manga-style TOS tales. The first 16 pages of Side Effects are printed in color. The book also comes with a bound-in pull-out poster featuring the cover art of Michael Kelleher. Forward by David Gerrold. Edited by Bryce P. Coleman and Luis Reyes. ISBN 9781427813527, 6 in X 9 in, 342pp, b&w.

Writer: Chris Dowes
Artist: Makato Nakatsuka
Cover artist: Michael Kelleher

Forging Alliances
Vulcans run amuck. Stardate 3982.4

Writer: Paul Benjamin
Artist: Steven Cummings

Anything but alone
A colony of memories. Stardate 4010.6

Writer: Joshua Ortega
Artist: Gregory Giovanni Johnson
Cover artist: Jerry Vanderstelt

Deliquent transformers or Kirk's your daddy. Stardate 5268.7

Writer: Rob Tokar
Artist: EJ Su

Communications Breakdown
Uhura hears insidious undertones. Stardate 3623.5
Followup to Uhura's brainwashing by Nomad in The Changeling.

Writer: Christine Boylan
Artist: Bettina Kurkoski

The Humanitarian
Spock is tested by a deadly mission gone wrong. Stardate 3347.6

Writer: Luis A. Reyes
Artist: Nate Walton, Chow Hon Lam

'Til death...
A battle of the sexes. Stardate 3376.5

Writer: Mike W. Barr
Artist: Jeong Mo Yang

A cute alien creature wreaks havoc on the Enterprise.

Writer: David Gerrold
Artist: Don Hudson, Steve Buccellato

Stardate 44389.2
28-page preview of a TNG manga tale from Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Manga - Boukenshin.

Writer: Diane Duane
Artist: Chrissy Delk

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