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Star Trek Actor's Comics: Anthony Montgomery

This comic was written by Anthony Montgomery who played Travis Mayweather on Enterprise.

Apr 2013
Miles Away
Antarctic Press
Solicitation: 16-year-old Maxwell Miles is like most teenagers -- full of questions and insecurities. For ten years, one question has haunted him: "Why did I lose so much, so early in my life?" With both parents disappearing under mysterious circumstances and a guardian who doles out vague and limited information, Max's thirst for knowledge is rarely quenched. Unlike most teenagers, Max develops a superhuman ability, he is enlisted by a shadowy organization to battle evil around the globe, he allies with two aliens on the run, he saves their planet from destruction, he prevents an alien invasion and he has to maintain a solid grade point average despite having the laziest study partner on Earth. Max learns the hard way that some questions should never be asked because the truth hurts much more than curiosity.

Trade paperback. 2014 Glyph Award nominee for Best Writer and Best Male Character. Preview the art at Antarctic Press.

Writers: Anthony Montgomery, Brandon Easton
Artists: Jeff Stokely, Jey Odin
Cover artist:

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