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Star Trek: Telepathy War Marvel Paramount Comics one-shot

Conclusion of a six-part DS9/TNG/Starfleet Academy/Voyager crossover in Starfleet Academy #12, DS9 #12, DS9 #13, Unlimited #6, and Voyager #13.

#1 Nov 1997
Telepathy War: Reality's end
The Dominion plot to exterminate every telepathic race in the Alpha Quadrant reaches a crisis. While Starfleet forces are diverted, a conference of telepaths is vulnerable to a Jem'Hadar attack, but the real threat is a meme virus capable of affecting every telepath. While the Enterprise defends the conference, Bashir, Astrun, and the Talosians counter the virus. Stardate 50796.5

Cameo appearances by Spock and Lwaxana Troi. Double-size issue.

Writer: Chris Cooper
Penciller: Patrick Zircher
Inker: Steve Moncuse
Cover artist:

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