Star Trek Comics Checklist

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Annual Malibu Comics annuals

#1 Jan 1995
The looking glass war
A badly damaged starship arrives unannounced through the wormhole. It is another U.S.S. Defiant, piloted by Curzon Dax. Arriving from a parallel dimension, Curzon needs Odo's help to prevent a war between the Federation and the Dominion. In his dimension, the Dominion invaded and were turned back after heavy losses and only after the Jem'Hadar had taken hostages, including Sisko, Kira, and Bashir. With O'Brien's help, Curzon searched many dimensions until he found one with Odo, because the flashpoint that caused his war was Odo's murder. Sisko denies Curzon's request. Curzon kidnaps Odo and escapes to his dimension in the undamaged Defiant. Sisko and his crew repair Curzon's defiant and follow Curzon for a confrontation with the Jem'Hadar and themselves. Stardate 48511.1

A newsstand edition printed on cheaper paper, with the same cover price as the direct market edition was published.

Writer: Mike W. Barr
Penciller: Leonard Kirk
Inker: Rob Davis
Cover artists: Leonard Kirk, Terry Pallot

#1 Dec 1995
No time like the present
Cardassian agents covertly return to Bajor to retreive an ancient artifact hidden when the occupation came to an end. When touched, the artifact emits waves of temporal distortion, creating disturbances across the Federation and alerting the artifact's creators, an ancient race eager to reclaim what was once their most feared weapon.

Cover title: Ultimate Annual. Painted cover. Also contains a gallery of DS9 pinups.

Writer: Laurie Sutton
Penciller: Leonard Kirk
Inkers: Scott Reed, Saleem Crawford
Cover artist: Mark Brill

The Nagus's new clothes
The Grand Nagus arrives on DS9 for a reception at Quark's, but his ceremonial robes have turned to dust. Garak is hired to create new robes, but renegade Ferengi bomb his shop, leaving only his holographic projector, which the Nagus uses with mixed reviews.

Writer: John Vornholt
Penciller: Patrick Woodrow
Inker: Larry Welch

Small victory
Worf helps Odo break up a brawl and accidentally causes a small child to lose her pet cat somewhere on the Promenade. Odo may not want Worf's help, but the child does.

Writer: Mariano Nicieza
Penciller: Anne Timmons
Inker: Scott Reed

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