Star Trek Comics Checklist

Star Trek Comics Information Online

Here are a few websites with information about Star Trek comics. I salute the folks who have put up Star Trek comics websites. Please excuse any stale links.

Guide to the Gold Key Star Trek comics
Curt Danhauser has created several well-designed and entertaining websites on a variety of Star Trek topics. This is the best of the online Star Trek comics guides.

Star Trek Story Records
Comprehensive website on the Star Trek story records by Curt Danhauser.

Guide to Animated Star Trek
Not really about comics but this is another interesting site by Curt Danhauser.

The Complete Starfleet Library
The Complete Starfleet Library: Comic Reprints and Graphic Novels
Star Trek books reference site; includes comics in book format.

Star Trek Comic Variants Gallery
Featuring Gold Key photo covers, price variants, Whitman and color variants.

Star Trek Annual Gallery
TV21 Annual Gallery
Cover art from Star Trek and TV21 annuals published in the UK.

The Star Trek Annotated Timeline
By Win Scott Eckert; includes events from Star Trek comics.
Comics price guide.

Grand Comic-Book Database
Internet database of published comics.

Comic Book Database
Internet database of published comics.

comics research bibliography
Citations of comics-related articles and publications.

Doug Gilford's Mad Cover Site
Includes Mad Star Trek covers.

Artwork from Keith R.A. DeCandido's Star Trek Comic Book Work
Downloadable images.

Details about Andy Mangels' and Michael Martin's Star Trek comics
Includes cover art.

Cover gallery from David Mack's website
Includes cover art from the Star Trek comics he has written.

Writer/artist Ken Pender's comics website
Includes cover and interior art in color and b&w.

Artist Rob Davis' gallery page
Includes Star Trek sketches in b&w.

Star Trek/X-Men
Review of the Star Trek/X-Men crossover.

Graphic novel and trade paperback reviews
By the Masked Bookwyrm.

Get Critical: Star Trek books and comics
Reviews by Michelle Erica Green.

Marvel and Malibu comics collector site
Information and cover images for Malibu Star Trek promo and variant comics.

Previews: The Comic Shop's Catalog
Monthly solicitation of forthcoming comics, available online and at your local comic shop.

So Much Fun!, Inc. Variant Cover Gallery
Includes Star Trek #6, DC Comics first series

Memory Alpha
Memory Alpha Comics Page
Wiki encyclopedia of Star Trek information in progress.

Memory Beta
Memory Beta Comics Page
Wiki encyclopedia of non-canon Star Trek information in progress.

The Periodic Table of Comic Books
The Periodic Table of Comic Books: Yttrium
The entry for Yttrium features a Star Trek comic.

Mike's Amazing World of DC Comics
Includes information about DC's Star Trek comics and graphic novels.

Cracked Magazine Cover Site
Includes Cracked Star Trek covers.

Includes assorted Star Trek comics covers.

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