Star Trek Comics Checklist

IDW Focus On: Star Trek IDW one-shot

Jul 2007
IDW Focus On: Star Trek
Solicitation: Premiering a week before the debut issue of IDW's new Star Trek: Year Four series, this special Focus On... comic book introduces Star Trek: The Original Series comic books to the IDW universe. Included in this issue is a special, all-new, standalone 5-page Star Trek story, written by David Tischman and illustrated by Year Four colorist Len O'Grady. This introductory tale will only be available in this special 24-page issue, which also features behind-the-scenes sketches, additional artwork, creator interviews and more. Catch up with IDW's Star Trek universe before the story hits warp speed the following week! Captain's Personal Log, by David Tischman, with art by Len O'Grady. Set immediately after the events of TOS episode Turnabout Intruder, Kirk considers his life and decides that nothing gives him as much purpose as service aboard the Enterprise. We should all be so lucky.

Writer: David Tischman
Artist: Len O'Grady
Cover artist: Kelsey Shannon

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