Star Trek Comics Checklist

Star Trek DC Comics collections

Dec 1991
The best of Star Trek

Aug 1992
The Modala imperative

Reprints 4-issue TOS and 4-issue TNG mini-series. Story by Michael Jan Friedman and Peter David, introduction by Walter Koenig. ISBN 1-56389-040-2 trade pb

Aug 1994
Tests of courage

Reprint of "The Tabukan Syndrome", issues 35-40 from second series. Story by Howard Weinstein, introduction by George Takei, afterword by Howard Weinstein, painted cover. ISBN 1-56389-151-4 trade pb

Cover artist: Sonia Hillios

Oct 1995

Collects two story arcs by Howard Weinstein, from the second DC series: issues #22-24 featuring Harry Mudd and issues #49-50 featuring Gary Seven. Introduction by David Gerrold and painted cover. ISBN 1-56389-223-5 trade pb

Cover artist: Sonia Hillios

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