Star Trek Comics Checklist

Star Trek: The Next Generation Special DC Comics one-shots

#1 Sep 1993
Good listener
Guinan agrees to establish a saloon on a mining colony for an old friend. Unfortunately, many of the miners are suffering from some sort of emotional epidemic which the medtechs can't explain. A Federation environmental watchdog is also concerned that a native species may be sentient and that mining operations may be hazardous to the local ecology. Riker and Dr. Crusher bring an away team to research the mysterious ailment. Several Enterprise crewmembers suffer from intense emotional episodes, until one of Worf's security officers, a low-level telepath, discovers that the native creatures are probing his mind and amplifying his inner fears. The Tordohh, as they call themselves, are telepaths. Once a technological society, they returned to a simpler life and now insist that the Federation leave. As she leaves, Guinan leaves the Tordohh with a little gotcha for invading everyone's thoughts rather than trying to communicate with the Federation. Stardate 46541.2

Writers: Tony Isabella, Bob Ingersol
Artists: Deryl Skelton, Steve Carr, Jim Amash
Cover artists: Jason Palmer, Segarra

A true son of Kahless
Worf and Alexander leave the Enterprise for three days of shore leave on Tallera III. Alone in the wilderness, Worf begins teaching Alexander Klingon ways. When an electromagnetic disturbance hits the planet, Worf is injured. Alexander makes a sledge out of vines and drags his father to safety, then sets up a locator beacon. After being found by an away team, Picard thanks Alexander for rescuing his security chief.

Writer: Anne Wokanovicz
Penciller: Kenneth Penders
Inker: Romeo Tanghal

Spot's day
Worf interrupts Data while he is feeding Spot (Data's Day), who slips out of Data's quarters. Spot catches a ride on the turbolift with Picard and Riker, making his way to a holodeck. Geordi has modified one of Worf's training programs and left it running. Spot enters the holodeck and acquits himself with honor.

Writer: Diane Duane
Penciller: Rod Whigham
Inker: Mike Sellers

#2 Summer 1994
The choice
An away team investigates an unmanned observatory which has been destroyed by unknown beings. One possibility is that the assailants are Seraphami, the same race that Ro Laren met on Garon Two, where she disobeyed orders, resulting in the death of her commanding officer, her court-martial, and imprisonment. As present circumstances unfold, it looks as if history is going to repeat itself. Ro, who has been given a second chance by Picard, must give herself a second chance and risk Riker's life to prevent a tragedy.

Painted cover.

Writer: Michael Jan Friedman
Penciller: Gordon Purcell
Inker: Terry Pallot
Cover artist: Sonia R. Hillios

Cry vengeance
A human female is engaged in single bat'telh combat with a Klingon male. Flashback to the arrival of Colleen McMurphy on the Enterprise with an unlimited travel warrant allowing passage on any Starfleet vessel. In her quarters, she sends a coded transmission to Qo'Nos. Riker meets and romances McMurphy who also puts herself through rigorous holodeck work-outs. Dr. Crusher is concerned about McMurphy's health. Worf's brother Kurn arrives to escort the Enterprise to Qo'Nos, where McMurphy is to stand in judgement before the Klingon High Council. Worf discovers that McMurphy has the honor blade of a Klingon Great House. She claims it is hers by blood and right. Data discovers that the name Colleen McMurphy doesn't exist in Starfleet records. Fleet Captain T'Kir arrives, greets Picard as an old friend and identifies McMurphy as Captain Jamie Finney. T'Kir has come to support Finney. Finney's role in combatting a formidable alien threat (Debt of Honor [TOS, DC Comics]) is reprised as is her subsequent service to Commander Kor, who was betrayed and murdered by Gowron. She has challenged Gowron in order to restore honor to Kor's name. On the field of combat, Finney doesn't survive, but Gowron, barely surviving, restores honor to the names of Kor and Jamie Finney.

Writer: Chris Claremont
Penciller: Chris Wozniac
Inker: Jerome Moore

Out of time
Captain Morgan Bateman, commanding officer of the Bozeman (Cause and Effect) is having difficulty adjusting to the 24th century. Counselor Troi arranges a visit from a specialist in time-displacement, Captain Montgomery Scott.

Writer: Michael Jan Friedman
Penciller: Steve Erwin
Inker: Charles Barnett

Jun 1994
The Series Finale Special: All Good Things ...
Stardate 47988, 41153.7 (seven years past) and 25 years in the future

Adaptation of the two-hour series finale, All Good Things... Part I and All Good Things... Part II, written by Ronald Moore and Brannon Braga. This is the first adaptation of a TNG television episode. Painted cover.

Writer: Michael Jan Friedman
Penciller: Jay Scott Pike
Inker: Jose Marzan Jr.
Cover artist: Sonia Hillios

#3 Winter 1995
Pandora's prodigy
The Enterprise arrives at a Federation transporter research station near a star system where Picard will help negotiate a trade agreement between two cultures. LaForge meets an old friend, David Dirvy, who has developed a method for recording transporter signatures. When Dirvy is killed by an assassination attempt meant for one of the negotiators, LaForge makes a copy of his friend. In disgust, Dirvy gives all of his research data to Picard and tells him to do what he will with it. Picard destroys the data and his actions significantly affect the trade negotiations.

Based on an unused outline for the television series. DeMeritt is Second Unit Director for Star Trek: Voyager. Painted cover.

Writer: Michael DeMeritt
Artist: Ricardo Villagran
Cover artist: Sonia Hillios

Old debts
Scotty pays a visit to Starbase 122, home of the Starfleet Museum, to give a lecture. Upon arrival he tours the newly restored Enterprise NCC-1701A with Lt. Robin Lefler as his guide. The tour is interrupted by an old enemy, Koleth (The Trouble With Tribbles [TOS]), who is determined to pay back Scotty for the tribble incident. Following a battle of wits, the two old warriors fight to a stalemate, but Koleth is satisfied that honor has been restored and he bids Scotty goodbye. Now he has only one old debt left to settle (Blood Oath [DS9]). Stardate 46225.4

Writer: Kevin Ryan
Penciller: Ken Save
Inker: Shephard Hendrix

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