Star Trek Comics Checklist

Star Trek DC Comics collections

Apr 1991
The mirror universe saga

Reprints issues 9-16 from first series, reprinted 1992. Story by Mike W. Barr, introduction by A.C. Crispin, painted cover. ISBN 0-930289-96-X trade pb

Cover artist: Ken Christie

Dec 1991
The best of Star Trek

Reprints issues 5, 24, 25, Annuals 2, 3 from first series and issues 10-12 from second series. Introduction by Nicholas Meyer. Forward by Robert Greenberger. ISBN 1-56389-009-7 trade pb

Cover artist: Jason Palmer

Jun 1993
Who killed Captain Kirk?

Reprints issues 48-55 from first series. Story by Peter David, introduction by George Takei. ISBN 1-56389-096-8 trade pb

Cover artist: Jason Palmer

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